RAZA d.o.o. Verovškova ulica 60A, 1000 Ljubljana

CNC Machining

State of the art production park of RAZA d.o.o. covers a wide range of CNC machining production with CNC turning and milling technology, which enables us to produce the most complex shapes and advanced products.


Services and products


From client’s idea to our realization.
Idea > Sample > Prototype > Product

Production equipment

We pride in using state of the art milling and turning CNC technology. Reliability of our machine fleet is provided by strict manufacturers’ service protocols and regular maintenance.

From the very beginning, we have benn constantly investing in the modernization of our production park and our own measuring laboratory, which enables ust to provide an uncompromising high standard quality of our products.

The process of latest technology 3-axis and 4-axis 3D CNC milling, supported by the advanced CAD/CAM software, ensures that once the product leaves our production site you will always receive a product that will meet your specifications and your expectations.

Limit dimensions for flat work-pieces: 800x600mm

Raza’s modern CNC turning fleet offers first and foremost a high-end quality and fast work-piece production to the following nominal dimensions.

Large series production: Ø2-20mm
Single work-piece production: Ø350mm

Measuring equipment

Our goal is to ensure customer satisfaction with our products.
When making the finished product, we comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015, which guarantees a long-term quality product.

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